The next-generation metrology software driving simplicity and productivity in portable probing and scanning.

Intuitive and easy to use, Inspire is a comprehensive solution that makes measurement simple, saves time, and ultimately improves productivity. With one simple interface, Inspire works with any portable measuring arm or laser tracker for probing and scanning applications.

Featuring unique adaptive measurement modes, Inspire reduces the amount of software interaction so that users spend more time measuring and less time navigating through software. Use any portable measuring arm or laser tracker for probing and/or scanning applications with one
easy-to-use instrument interface. Inspire uses discrete point probing data and scanned cloud data in virtually the same manner to further simplify analysis operations.

Designed with performance in mind, Inspire offers live meshing and colour map comparisons in real time. In addition to simplifying the measurement process, Inspire addresses ASME standard GD&T requirements for analysis with a streamlined workflow.


The world’s leading metrology software, PC-DMIS metrology software enables dimensional measurement data to flow through your organisation, because quality is the grounding truth for design and manufacturing.

For metrology specialists creating measurement routines, PC-DMIS offers a complete suite of programming capabilities. The software provides a comprehensive geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) toolset, complying to the latest industry standards. Offline programming functionality allows routines to be created without occupying the CMM, and even before the physical part has been manufactured.

CMM operators benefit from Inspect, a dedicated shop-floor user interface that simplifies the selection and execution of measurement routines and minimises the risk of user error impacting on results. For quality managers and operations managers, an extensive and fully-customisable reporting toolset helps you keep stakeholders around the business informed and lets you collaborate on the results.

PC-DMIS is delivered as standard on all Hexagon CMMs, portable measuring arms, multisensor CMMs and laser trackers systems. Non-Hexagon CMMs can be switched to PC-DMIS via software upgrades or as part of a CMM retrofit. PC-DMIS is also available on a software maintenance agreement (SMA), offering you access to the latest versions of the software at every release as well as comprehensive technical support and much more.


QUINDOS is the ideal software for coordinate measuring machines, gear inspection centers and all applications.

QUINDOS is the most powerful analysis tool for many types of coordinate measuring devices and differing applications, mainly in power plant, automotive, aircraft and machine tool powertrain industries. The database structure contains all of the measurement data, making it available for further processing and reporting.

In addition to the Basic license more than 50 options are available for handling special part geometries and other functional extensions.

  • CAD options
  • Gears
  • Gear cutting tools
  • Worm gears and worm wheels
  • Miscellaneous powertrain parts
  • Functional extensions


For a complete simulation of the measuring process in off-line mode there is the I++Simulator