Absolute Arm




Specialist software for tube measurement, gauging and bending machine control

Created specifically for the Absolute Arm, TubeShaper brings user-friendly inspection to the tube manufacturing sector.

Designed to maximise production efficiency and reduce scrap, features such as offline licensing, direct import of CAD models and an intuitive modern graphical interface allow tubes to be designed, checked and corrected with speed and precision. Direct connection to a wide range of

CNC tube bending machines from the market’s leading manufacturers ensure that bending corrections are applied in real time on the shop floor.

Offering a state-of-the-art user interface, TubeShaper enables you to fully harness the measurement power and versatility of the Absolute Arm for all tube inspection applications. Non-contact tube probes allow even soft rubber tubes to be measured, while tactile probes can also be used to reverse engineer or inspect complete tube fixtures. Uniquely, TubeShaper also allows for measurement of rectangle-section tubes.

TubeShaper is the product of over three decades of experience in tube inspection and was developed in close collaboration with some of the world’s leading tube manufacturers. Tube measurement software has never been so complete.

PC-DMIS Inspect

A simple operator interface for shop-floor inspection

Inspect is a standalone application that helps production-level CMM operators execute PC-DMIS measurement routines using a standard, simple graphical interface. In the latest release (5.0), INSPECT now accepts barcodes from any windows barcode or QR code scanner, to help streamline workflow.

Inspect is the evolution of the popular Single Touch Interface+ (STI+), with an elegant interface and a modern platform that offers much more adaptability and easier access to platform improvements and feature updates. STI+ was designed to be simple to configure from the administrator level and even simpler to use from the operator level. It allowed users to choose a routine from a list and run even the most complex PC-DMIS inspections without ever having to launch PC-DMIS. Inspect brings this same workflow into a modern scalable platform with added features and benefits based on user feedback and surveys from the PC-DMIS user forum.

Inspect 5.0 works with any Windows compatible barcode or QR code scanner to automatically load and run measurement routines and playlists or filter to find reports. This not only speeds up the workflow but also reduces operator error caused by manual input.

Absolute Arms

Built on a platform of advanced technology, the Absolute Arm makes high-accuracy portable measurement effortless. Every part has been designed with practicality, usability and stability in mind. The product of over 35 years of experience in developing articulated measuring arms, it
combines a clear picture of the future of portable metrology with the features that users have always wanted to see.

Usability, by design
The unique modular wrist of the Absolute Arm is all about versatility. It makes it easier to get more done by adapting to the specific needs of each user.

  • Pistol grips available in three different sizes – choose the most comfortable fit for the user.
  • Remove the grip completely to measure hard-to-reach areas such as holes and cavities.
  • Quickly switch between laser scanning, area scanning and touchprobing without interrupting the measurement process.
  • Even a mounted 3D scanner can be quickly and easily removed by the user for easier measurement in the tightest areas.
  • All probes and scanners can be remounted without recalibration, allowing for immediate measurement.