Leica Absolute Tracker


For each medium to large manufacturing application, there is a suitable Absolute Tracker solution that can provide greater productivity and a better final product. Quality room or shop floor, research center or shipyard, there is an Absolute Tracker built to make your life easier.

Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 The flagship of the Absolute Tracker line offering full 6DoF measurement functionality capable of powering manual and automated inspection and production systems.


HxGN SFx | Asset Management delivers a simple, accurate way to monitor and analyse how key assets are performing via a centralised, user-friendly dashboard, whether assets are on a single site or in multiple factories around the world.

Leverage accurate data in pursuit of operational excellence SFx Asset Management lets operators and managers keep a close check on machinery running unattended by providing real-time customisable notifications of the performance and status of metrology assets including coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and laser trackers. And the data aggregated by SFx Asset Management can be used to pre-emptively schedule maintenance and identify sources of

With HxGN SFx | Asset Management it is also possible to quickly identify which site has spare capacity and gain insight into how systems are used. And because SFx Asset Management is cloud-based, information can be accessed anywhere from a PC, smartphone or tablet.

SFx Asset Management software provides vital information for optimising overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). It can be calculated either for a single device or for a set of devices over various periods of time. An understanding of an asset’s OEE can help reduce spending on maintenance while achieving better overall machine performance and efficiency.

Relevant, real-time data visualisation
A customisable dashboard enables different levels of access to data só that users can focus on the key information they need to perform their role effectively.

Secure remote access
HxGN SFx | Asset Management is delivered securely over the cloud to a PC, tablet or a smartphone.

Event notifications
SFx Asset Management’s real-time notification system empowers companies with instant alerts to keep metrology systems up and running.

The dashboard design draws on the strengths of consumer applications to ensure data is always easy to find and use.