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CAM Production


CAM Matrices





CAM for multi-axis production and part machining

EDGECAM is a market leading computer aided manufacturing (CAM) system for NC part programming. With unparalleled ease of use and sophisticated toolpath generation, it’s the only CAM system you’ll need for milling, turning and mill-turn machining.

EDGECAM utilises your in-house knowledge and experience to drive the CAM process with automation tools to suit different applications – allowing you to maintain your competitive edge.


Your CAD/CAM/MRP system for the sheet metal industry.

RADAN is our CAD/CAM/MRP system for the sheet metal industry RADAN is a leading and machine-independent CAD/CAM/MRP system for the sheet metal industry. The RADAN product family is a completely integrated solution for the design, handling and production of sheet metal parts. It can control all sheet metal machines available on the market. RADAN is used in designing, work preparation and planning of the machine utilisation as well as for NC programming.

RADAN meshes with your ERP system to form an optimally customised MRP module. It prepares you for future machine purchases and process automation solutions – and is ready for Industry 4.0. Thanks to its specific modules, you can integrate RADAN to meet your individual requirements
and create a customised system solution for significantly increased added value.



WORKNC is the closest system to “One Button CAM” with automated and efficient toolpaths, bringing dramatic gains in productivity through shorter machining times, longer tool life, better finish and surface accuracy, better use of machine and CNC programming quick and easy.

WORKNC’s multi-threaded processing takes advantage of multi-core computers that provide fast calculation and processing times. Preparation times are also reduced thanks to predefined machining sequences and batch mode machining path calculations.

WORKNC offers smooth import of model data from all major CAD manufacturers. This avoids most data management and compatibility issues. In addition, you can also improve all design and production processes through reliable and easily programmed cutting paths, resulting in increased productivity and safety.


CAD/CAM for the design and development of injection mould and progressive tools

VISI is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading CAD/CAM software solutions for the mould and die industries.

VISI offers a unique combination of applications including fully integrated wireframe, surface and solid modelling, and comprehensive 2D, 3D and 5 axis milling strategies with dedicated high

speed routines. Industry-specific applications for plastic injection tool design, including material flow analysis and progressive die design with step-by-step unfolding, provide the toolmaker with unsurpassed levels of productivity.

The extensive range of CAD translators ensures that users can work with data from almost any supplier. Very large files can be handled with ease and companies working with complex designs will benefit from the ease with which their customer’s CAD data can be manipulated.