CMM Multisensores


Multisensor CMMs deliver unparalleled flexibility by deploying the precision of tactile probing and the high-speed measuring point capture of non-contact measurement on a single system and within a single measurement run, making it simpler and faster to measure even the most complex parts.

Dependable, affordable multisensor performance

Entry-level multisensor and optical CMMs are built robustly for tough working conditions and are particularly suitable for quality assurance in the production area. All models come equipped with

a high-resolution digital colour camera and a motorised CNC zoom as standard. Supporting additional sensors such as touch-trigger probes, entry-level multisensor and optical CMMs combine

all basic dimensional measurement capabilities in a single machine.


Automated tube inspection in high-resolution

TubeInspect is an all-in-one turnkey measurement cell specially developed for the efficient quality control of bent tubes and wires.

Powered by an array of high-quality cameras that deliver unmatched optical scanning functionality, TubeInspect is all about making tube measurement as fast as possible without compromising on data quality and accuracy. Powered by the leading BendingStudio software platform, a TubeInspect system can become the central hub for controlling and analysing the entire tube production process.

The TubeInspect platform also delivers full automation capability, with high-resolution models ready for complete integration as the quality assurance step within a larger robotic tube production cell. Also delivered with high-resolution models is the possibility to measure end holders and fittings with CAD-Adaptors through image analysis rather than with mechanical adaptors.